All businesses have a life cycle

We can provide help at every stage

In the course of your business cycle there will be times when certain needs arise and on such occasions, we will be available to assist you – from carrying out background checks on potential customers and suppliers to providing proof of the financial position to a third party.

Our company secretarial department was set up to deal specifically with corporate matters for our clients. These are the main areas in which help can be provided.

Company Searches

Company searches are essential to many businesses. We can provide a simple company search including latest financial statements and annual return form through to a full company search looking at a company’s entire history, and provide comments on the documents obtained. These can be invaluable when researching your competitors, suppliers and customers. They can be undertaken on specific matters such as outstanding mortgages or provisions of Articles of Association. We can tailor this service to your needs.

Company Law Compliance

We provide annual company secretarial services to incorporated businesses to ensure they are fully compliant with company law. This includes maintaining statutory records, preparing annual return forms, preparing documents for submission to the Registrar of Companies and preparing supporting Board Minutes and Written Resolutions to approve any changes being made (such as, but not limited to, appointing new officers, resigning officers, paying dividends, transferring shares, allotting shares and adopting new Articles of Association).

The Articles of Association

If you are a shareholder it is essential to ensure the Articles of Association of the company in which you hold shares have provisions that protect your shareholding. There should be provisions which prevent your shareholding becoming diluted, by shares being sold to third parties, by ensuring that when shares are allotted they are offered in a prescribed, tax efficient order to the current shareholders first. We would advise this as a matter of course on incorporation and would prepare bespoke Articles of Association tailored to your requirements. We can also undertake a review of current Articles of Association to ensure they protect your interests and those of others.

Group Restructuring

We have undertaken group restructurings for a number of our current clients. In many cases, the business outgrows its original structure and we will advise them to set up a group structure in order to be able to manage the business in a more efficient manner. There can also be tax benefits. These restructurings can be daunting but we can undertake both the statutory work to implement the structure and advise on the accounting and tax matters.

Share Issues

When issuing shares it is essential to consider the rules and regulations that apply to doing so. We can ensure you are aware of these and can also prepare the documentation to action the issuance of shares. The matter can be more complex depending on the provisions of your Articles of Association and these will be reviewed and advice provided as to their application.

Registered Office

we can provide the registered office address for your business.

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