Reducing the burden of corporation tax

Corporation tax loopholes available to you that you haven't thought ofUnderstandably, successful companies have to pay corporation tax – but without specialist advice your company may pay more of this tax than it needs to. The corporation tax rules are extremely complex and Cheesmans have the experience and knowledge to guide your company through the numerous rules and regulations that will determine how much corporation tax your business pays. We aim to provide corporation tax planning that highlights and clarifies ways of obtaining the significant tax advantages, such as utilising capital allowances and research & development relief, allowed by HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Planning — It pays to plan ahead

It is prudent to plan ahead as this can lead to a smaller tax burden for your company. Advising you on corporation tax is part of our service to help your business achieve its goals. If you are a new client, one of our first steps will be to review your accounts because in many cases there is expenditure for which no relief has been claimed, for example when buying a new building, and for which there are time constraints for ensuring the relief is claimed. When preparing accounts, this expenditure will be identified and in most cases, we can advise on this early on through our regular meetings and client contact.

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