10 self-assessment tax return mistakes to avoid.

If you need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) it’s imperative you get it in on time and error-free. In 10 self-assessment tax return mistakes to avoid, an article for bdaily.co.uk Carol Cheesman explains how to get started with your SATR, and how to avoid these 10 common mistakes relating to:

  1. Signature & date
  2. National Insurance number and Incorrect Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)
  3. Supplementary pages
  4. Writing things like: “info to follow” or “as per accounts” instead of writing required figures
  5. Incorrect figures
  6. Not declaring all income/Capital Gains
  7. Trying to claim expenses that can’t be claimed
  8. Ticking wrong boxes
  9. Missing the deadlines
  10. Improper Record-keeping

If possible, it is always better to hire a qualified accountant or tax advisor to help you complete your Self-Assessment Tax Return because they will make sure it is correct. They will always seek to put your needs first, helping you to reduce your tax bill as much as legally possible. Particularly if you have lots of sources or complicated income, an accountant or tax advisor can help make sure your tax affairs are handled properly.


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