Five questions to ask your accountant before buying a property in France

Only a short train journey or ferry ride away, France is a great place to visit. But for those who want to make France a permanent home or buy a property to let, there are a number of tax issues to consider. In an article for ‘Five questions to ask your accountant before buying a property in France’ we take a look at the top five things you should ask your accountant before purchasing your French abode:

1. Will my Residence status change?
2. I’m buying a property to let; what tax will I need to pay?
3. What Capital Gains Tax will I pay when I sell the property?
4. Are French Inheritance Tax laws different?
5. Should I own the property personally or through a company?

Whether you are buying a house in France for regular holidays or as an investment, you need to consider the tax implications before you sign on the dotted line. By being aware of your options and putting the right safeguards in place you can enjoy your property without any nasty surprises for either you or your family.

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