Seven ways to reduce your Capital Gains Tax bill

Making a capital gain is usually good news – but it can also come with a hefty tax bill.

So, whether you are selling all, or part, of your business, or some other assets (for example property or shares) it’s important to plan for capital gains in order to minimise the tax liability. In an article for Economia I set out seven ways to reduce your Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

  1. Utilising the annual exemption
  2. Utilising losses
  3. Claim capital losses
  4. Relieve capital losses against income where possible
  5. Deferring disposals
  6. Bed and spousing
  7. Negligible value claims

You can read the full article here: 7 ways to reduce your Capital Gains Tax Bill

By planning before you make a capital gain you can limit your tax liability – but it is important to plan in advance and not leave it until the last minute.


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