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Corporate social responsibility – keeping it local

First published in NURSERY MANAGEMENT TODAY in their November/December 2013 issue and reproduced here with the magazine’s kind permission. Carol Cheesman explains how you can establish your corporate social responsibility by giving it a local twist There are numerous benefits to be derived from businesses engaging with their local community. In many cases, both the […]

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How can a business owner prepare before seeking finance?

In this article for How can a business owner prepare before seeking finance? Carol Cheesman offers advice to franchisors hoping to raise finance and explains how they need to prepare.. In looking at how a business owner can prepare before seeking finance Carol explores these 4 important questions: What key points should business owners […]

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Planning to set up a company abroad?

Are you planning to move you and your business abroad? Maybe it’s a choice to improve your quality of life, or perhaps your partner has a new job and that’s the impetus for the move. Either way, there are a few mistakes that far too many people make. Make sure you’re not one of them. […]

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Tax and investing in France

Whether you are buying a property in France for a permanent move or as an investment, you need to consider the tax implications before you sign on the dotted line. In Tax and investing in France, an article written for, Holly Clift-Matthews suggests there are three questions you must ask your accountant before purchasing […]

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Seven ways to reduce your Capital Gains Tax bill

Making a capital gain is usually good news – but it can also come with a hefty tax bill. So, whether you are selling all, or part, of your business, or some other assets (for example property or shares) it’s important to plan for capital gains in order to minimise the tax liability. In an […]

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Inheritance tax – how to minimise your liability

Small business owners who work hard to build up their businesses may feel that the current Inheritance Tax (IHT) regime is unfair. The current threshold of £325,000 will remain in place until 2015 and if you leave behind anything more than this the tax will be charged at 40% on anything extra. Inheritance Tax is […]

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